Sarah in a grey blazer and a oink top.

Hi, I am Sarah.
I'm a Data-driven UX Researcher based in the Netherlands

Hello and welcome to my corner of the digitalsphere! I am Sarah Mbawa, a data driven researcher focused on user experience research of digital interventions in mental healthcare. I am passionate and dedicated to improving the design of digital interventions for mental healthcare, I embark on adopting a multi-perspective including stakeholders to explore and uncover design and review principles. This website serves as a hub for sharing my thoughts, findings, and adventures in the realm of UX research in mental healthcare. Join me as I delve into the minds of users, decode their needs, and contribute to crafting products that resonate and delight. Together, let’s dive into the ever-evolving landscape of human-centered design!

My skills

Research and Analysis

Design and Technical Skills

Communication and Personal Skills

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